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Biographies of the Founders

Michael John Coleman

       Michael John Coleman founded MAGNUM, the National Migraine Association with the help of Congressional staffer Ms. Terri Miller (Burchfield) twelve years ago.  He identified a need for an NGO (non-governmental organization) to addressed Migraine disease as a major American public health issue. 

      Michael is a native Washingtonian who is a nationally recognized, award winning leader in alternative process photography.  Michael John's work has been featured in many national magazines, books, and many major exhibitions and events.

       Known for his painterly style and impressionist approach, Michael John's artwork has been published in more than 350 fine art exhibitions and has earned awards from many notable personalities in the community such as Peter Thomas, former Dean of the Corcoran Museum and Art School; David Tannous, critic for Art in America; Clare List, curator for the Baltimore Museum of Fine Art; Clifford Chieffo, contributing editor for American Artist; Howard Paine of National Geographic Magazine, and many, many more.  Michael John was also nominated for a 1990 ALEX Award, the highest honor the city has for the Arts.



       The quality and the use of his artwork to raise public awareness about Migraine disease and his tenacity as a major health advocate on head-pain issues have been acknowledged by many major government officials. Some of the notables who have praised him or his work are President George W. Bush, Tipper Gore, Secretary of Health Tommy Thomson, Leader Bill Frist, Senators John Warner, Barbara  Mikulske, & George Allan, Congressman James P. Moran & Cliff Stearns, the late Senator Paul D. Coverdell, and Former Speaker Newt Gingrich and Senator Charles S. Robb, to name a few.

       Michael John's work has been featured in many magazines and books, such as PHOTOgraphic Magazine, PROPHOTO, and The Best of Photography International. His art was featured on the cover of The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Funds' latest book: Why Vietnam Still Matters, The War and The Wall.  His successful marriage of using his art with Migraine disease awareness was showcased on a live broadcast radio interview at LA's Museum of Radio & Television.  Magazine and newspaper cover stories include the FDA's Journal: The FDA Consumer Magazine, and a full two-page cover story in The Washington Times to name a few. He was also featured in, among others, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Houston Chronicle. Other cover stories include The Journal newspapers and DC Magazine. In addition, his work has been featured on CBS, ABC, PBS, FOX, MSNBC, VOA, Reuters Television, and Lifetime television to name a few.

       Michael John studied at the University of Maryland and is completely self-taught in his primary medium --photography. Michael John worked as an Art Director with Naval Sea Systems Command, volunteered as a Head Coach of a woman's division Mid-Maryland soccer team, was Washington, D.C.'s first woman's division indoor soccer commissioner, was juried into the nation's oldest and largest art center, The Torpedo Factory, and served on the Board of directors of Washington D.C.'s Art League, Inc. After decade tenure as the only photographic resident artist at the Factory, he left due to complications thrust upon him by severe intractable Migraines. Now he uses his visual communication skills to fight for the rights of Migraine sufferers in this country.

       Michael John Coleman is the Founder and Executive Director of M.A.G.N.U.M.: Migraine Awareness Group: A National Understanding for Migraineurs, a non-profit health care organization. MAGNUM, also known as The National Migraine Association, has received endorsements from the leading Migraine and headache medical centers in the U.S., and its Board of Directors includes many leading medical experts. Coleman is also served on the Board of the World Headache Alliance (WHA), and the Global Information Systems Chairman, as well as their Art Director. Michael has suffered from intractable Migraines since the age of six, and has experienced the life-altering effects of the disease. MAGNUM's use of art and media in its Public Awareness efforts allows Michael John to divide his time between Migraine disease awareness advocacy and his fine art career. The union of his talents where noted in the October 2001 WHA Rome, Italy Abridged Migraine Disease Awareness Art Exhibition, a solo exhibit, in of course Rome, Italy, featuring his landscapes and figure studies including his June 2001 New York Cityscapes and post 9/11 'Angel Flag Series'. In addition, he continues to blend his art with his medical advocacy when he lectured about Migraines and Art in Sicily, Italy, and again on this issue in Istanbul, Turkey for the European Headache Society.   Future international plans to discuss Migraine disease and art may include a joint Serbian American Migraine awareness event in Belgrade!

          Michael John was selected as one of the nation’s top health advocates in the Pain Management Advocacy Toolkit recently issued called “In The Face of Pain” in which Michael John represented Migraine & headache health advocates.   In 2000 Michael John represented the United States at the World Health Organization (WHO) Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.  There the WHO made ground breaking efforts drafting a ‘blue book’ report entitled “Headache Disorders & Public Health, Education & Management Implications”[1], which put Migraine disease and headache disorders on the map as a major international public health problem, leading the way for better future care.

          Michael John and Terri continue to work with the White House and Congress on issues to improve the quality of Life of Migraineurs.  Both continue to speak in many venues about Migraine disease and pain public health issues. 


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cover story on Michael John Coleman

Terri Miller Burchfield

       Terri Miller Burchfield currently works for ObjectVideo, a cutting edge firm working on key homeland security technologies.  In addition to her corporate skills and commitments she helped to found MAGNUM over a decade ago.  Besides being one of the two original founders of MAGNUM, she continues to be our Executive Vice President and Legislative Director and a critical member of the board.

      Terri's background with the internet is noted by her former employment as Vice President at Dimension Data.  Dimension Data is a leading global technology company that builds and manages the IT infrastructures that enable companies to operate efficiently and collaborate seamlessly. The company has a unique combination of specialist skills in managed services, network infrastructure, application integration and e-Business services.

       Terri's exceptional understanding of government relations reflects her professional experience on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Terri worked for the Committee on Banking and Financial Services in the U.S. House of Representatives specializing in the area of financial derivatives and working on other banking issues such as the Congressional Whitewater investigation. Derivatives work included delivering speeches, writing reports, and drafting legislation on the subject.

       Terri earned her Industrial Engineering degree from Stanford University in 1987, and her International Executive MBA degree from Georgetown University in 1998.

        Prior to working in Washington, D.C., Terri worked in investment banking at Goldman, Sachs & Co. in the two-year analyst program in New York, involved in such transactions as stock offerings and mergers, including the merger of Ford Motor Company and Jaguar. Prior to Wall Street, Terri worked for a defense contracting firm and was put on sight in the Pentagon, specifically the Ship Survivability Office, Chief of Naval Operations.

       Terri traveled to East and West Germany to meet with various reform groups and officials during the falling of the Berlin Wall. She is a founding member and on the Board of Directors of M.A.G.N.U.M.: Migraine Awareness Group: a National Understanding for Migraineurs, a non-profit health care public education organization. As Executive Vice President and Legislative Director of MAGNUM, Terri delivers speeches, writes articles, participates in media events, and engages in other activities to educate the public and Congress on health care issues related to Migraine disease and pain issues.

        Terri's efforts are noted as well, to raise public awareness about Migraine disease and her efforts as an important public health advocate on head-pain issues have been acknowledged by many major government officials.  Some of the notables who have praised her work here at MAGNUM are President George W. Bush, Tipper Gore, Secretary of Health Tommy Thomson, Leader Bill Frist, Senators John Warner, Barbara  Mikulske, & George Allan, Congressman James P. Moran & Cliff Stearns, the late Senator Paul D. Coverdell, and Former Speaker Newt Gingrich and Senator Charles S. Robb, to name a few.

        Terri helps raise public awareness to head-pain disorders via public speaking with Mr. Coleman to varied audiences from the U.S. Post Office Headquarters, to the D.O.D.'s Army Material Command, or at the Fifth Annual Migraine Awareness Event to name a few.   She testified about the burden of Migraine disease to the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, and is always ready to give voice to Migraineurs where their voice often go unheard.

       Television broadcasts include a CBS broadcast on Migraine and Mothers, a Voice of America (VOA) international broadcast special on Migraine disease, as well as many other informative programs or TV news broadcasts on ABC, NBC, MSNBC & Fox Broadcasting.  Special radio broadcast include traveling to Los Angels with Mr. Coleman to do a one hour women's radio show discussing Migraine issues broadcast from the Museum of Radio & Television in Beverly Hills, California, as well as many other regional and national radio broadcasts on Migraine and pain public health issues.

Terri continues to advocate on this major woman's health issue, in addition to Migraine disease, she speaks to pain issues in general as a major public health cause.

[1] Headache Disorders and Public Health, Education and Management Implications; Neurological Diseases & Neuroscience Division; WHO/MSD/00.9

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