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M.A.G.N.U.M.'s Board Members--
Directors & Board Advisors

board members

Standing in front of MAGNUM's Saint Asaph Street office in historic Old Town Alexandria, Virginia MAGNUM Board Members (Left to Right) Michael John Coleman (Also Founder), Terri Miler Burchfield (Also Co-Founder), with Board Advisors; Claire Tse, Mark W. Byrum, Esq., and Alvin Burwell, RPh.


Board of Directors

President & Executive Director:
Michael John Coleman

Executive VP & Legislative Director:
Terri Miller Burchfield

General Counsel:
P. Elizabeth Pirsch, Esq.


Advisors to the Board

Medical Advisor Chair:
Fred D. Sheftell, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Medical Research Advisor Chair:
Stuart R. Stark, M.D.

Spanish Outreach Medical Advisor:
Mara-Carmen Borrell Wilson, M.D.

Medical Advisor:
Dr. Andrino D. Flevotomos

Information Services Director:
Susan Moeller Denny

Pharmaceutical Advisor Chair:
Alvin Burwell, RPh.

Medical Information Chair:
Jean Crosier, MLS

Associate General Counsel:
Mark W. Byrum, Jr., Esq.

Veterans Affairs Advisor:
Rear Adm. George R. Worthington (USN Ret)

Terri Miller Burchfield

Information Services Advisor:
Marie Kaddell, M.L.S., M.S., M.B.A.

Director of Exhibits:
Cara Weston

Art & Communications Director:
Michael John Coleman

Development Director:
Cassandra Eckert

Atlanta Office, Regional Dir.:
Kristina Tobin Nesbitt

Regional Director of the New England Office
Jill Piggott

New England Office:
Douglas H. Borden, III

Veterans Affairs Advisor
Special Projects:
Ronald C. Lackey

Advisor at Large:
Joseph Francis Cunningham, Esq.

Curatorial Advisor Chair:
Michele R. Marceau

Shawn D. Denny

Diversity Advisor:
Claire Tse, MGA

Webmaster Emeritus:
Douglas H. Johnson


Seen in MAGNUM's Saint Asaph Street office in historic Old Town Alexandria, Virginia MAGNUM Board members and former Board Advisor Teri Robert seated, with current Board's currant Information Services Director Susan Moeller Denny (redhead on the right) standing behind her, next to MAGNUM Founder & Executive Director Michael John Coleman.


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