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Cara Weston
Director of Exhibits

Cara Weston
serves on MAGNUM, the National Migraine Associations Board of Directors as our Director of Exhibits.

MAGNUM is very lucky to have such a talented artist, gallery director, & of course Migraineur on our Board of Directors to advise MAGNUM, as we continue to use art to bring pubic attention to Migraine disease and headache disorders.

Cara assists MAGNUM with its Migraine disease awareness public health fine art exhibitions. She brings to MAGNUM great expertise in understanding the power of art to capture the publics imagination. Using artwork to capture the publics attention is something MAGNUM has done for over a decade and a half. Caras unique understanding of Migraine as a sufferer and art as a talented photographer, bring special capabilities to MAGNUMs mission.

Cara Weston was born and raised in Carmel, California, the fine art photography capitol of the United States. She is the daughter of world famous photographer Cole Weston and granddaughter to the gifted world-renowned photographer Edward Weston, a great American artist.

She has lived in a world of photography all her life. She has worked for and with her father Cole Weston during the 1970s as an assistant in all aspects of photography. With her uncle Brett Weston she has worked as an assistant, and as a model for his underwater photography during the late 1970s. She also spent time assisting black and white photographer Rod Dresser before taking on a position at the Weston Gallery.

Cara spent many years working for, and being the director of the Weston Gallery in Carmel, California. Here she curated numerous shows at the gallery as well as on the road. Some of the more memorable exhibitions were for such artists as Yousuf Karsh, Ansel Adams, and Michael Kenna as well as and not to leave out the great exhibitions and talents of her family Edward Weston, Cole Weston and Brett Weston. On the road she did art shows in Los Angeles and New York that featured the work of many fine art photographers.

She has worked with museums as well as galleries showing and selling the work of many well-known photographers, and many contemporary photographers. Some of her favorite artists whom she enjoyed working with were Michael Kenna, Brad Cole, Chip Hooper, Paul Kozel, and Rolfe Horn just to name a small few of the inspirational contemporary artists she has worked with. Working at the Weston Gallery gave Cara the rewarding opportunity to work with so many talented artists. These opportunities also led her to work with an array of collectors, and general public who appreciate and love fine art photography as much as she does. Cara was impressed with artist and MAGNUM co-founder Michael John Colemans use of his fine art photography integrated into the popular award winning website which let to her contacting MAGNUM in 2005.

Currently, Cara is the web-site director and co-trustee for the Weston family run trust and website ( Here she sells the photographs of her late father Cole Weston and late grandfather Edward Weston.

Although Cara has always worked in her preferred medium of photography she has always felt somewhat intimated by the great talent of her family history. She notesfine art photography is not an easy artistic field to pursue professionally with so many great photographers in your family prior to you. She has also felt somewhat excluded by being a girl in a very male dominated family.

Cara recently realized life is too short and that her desire to capture images is stronger then worrying about living up to her family history. Cara photographs for herself, and now has untied her own hands to follow her passion and eye. Besides photography Cara has worked in the art medium of stain glass for many years. This work is currently on hold until she can build a new studio for her glasswork.

Caras most personal and rewarding years have been raising her two daughters and being a mother. She strongly feels this is her greatest accomplishment in life and cant imagine anything else ever being as rewarding. Now that her daughters are grown she is now on a new path of life experiences. Again, MAGNUM is very lucky to have this Migraineur, with such talent as an artist, & gallery director on our Board of Directors to advise MAGNUM as it uses art to bring pubic attention to Migraine disease and headache disorders.

Cara has graciously allowed us to use her stunning artwork throughout MAGNUM's website. As MAGNUM's site expands and changes, expect to see more of her work accompanying content on the site. We believe her art adds a feeling of empathetic calm and understanding for visitors here. Her creative contribution is another facet of MAGNUM's continued use of fine art to promote awareness. Many Migraineurs recognize the feeling of isolation she portrays in her cloud studies series. To see even more of her award-winning photography, please visit her photography website at

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