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Ronald C. Lackey
Veterans Affairs Advisor
Special Projects

Welcome Ronald C. Lackey, he served in the U.S. Navy from 1983 until 1992. It was during his second enlistment that he started experiencing Migraine that worsened until the point of suffering from them 2 to 3 times a week and had a loss of vision from hemianopsia (A secondary condition of his Migraines). Even though Ronald wanted to stay in the navy, the military decided to discharge him because of his disability. He was denied many of his veteran benefits due to how the military and the Department of Veterans Affairs treat people suffering from Migraines. Ronald has had to fight for his disability pension and for the other veteran’s benefits that are guaranteed to veterans, but are not always assessable.

It took him eight years to receive his educational benefits and for the VA to recognize his Migraines as a disability. He thought that he was alone in his fight until a civilian doctor told him about us--MAGNUM. Then after reading through much of the website Ronald contacted the us directly. According to Ronald "MAGNUM helped me realize that not only was the VA wrong about a myriad of topics regarding Migraines, MAGNUM helped me realize that this organization was advocating for veterans and military personnel that suffer from Migraines."

Ronald called MAGNUM over the years, but recently when he and Executive Director Michael John Coleman ended up discussing several current problems with the VASRD listing and after Ronald had assisted MAGNUM with background on several projects MAGNUM, so offered the former sailor a position as a Board of Directors, Veterans Affairs Advisor, with a focus on Special Projects.

In the past Ronald has used his experiences to help other veterans during his time in college by helping start several college veterans’ clubs and being an advocate for veterans’ rights. He now spends much of his time advocating for veterans and civilians suffering from Migraines. He graduated from DePaul University in 2008 in the concentrated field of “the sociological aspects of the military." MAGNUM looks forward to Ronald's insight to his veteran colleagues needs regarding the impact due to their Migraine disease.

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