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Susan Moeller Denny
Information Services Officer

Susan Moeller Denny has been MAGNUM's Information Services Officer for seven years. She is a native Washingtonian who has been a long time advocate for episodic disability issues. She has played an integral part in the communications field for fifteen years including working for AOL.

Besides her leadership with MAGNUM's board of Directors, Susan helped with MAGNUM's international Migraine disease awareness activities since 1999.  Susan has worked as assistant art director for us, and supported Executive Director Michael John Coleman's 'Art & Migraine Disease' lectures in Taormina Sicily, Italy and Istanbul, Turkey.  She supported World Headache Alliance (WHA) events in London, England; Rome, Italy; New York City, New York; and Dublin, Ireland to name a few. 

Most recently she was a MAGNUM guest lecturer at the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics where she discussed 'Migraine as an Episodic Disability'.  Drawing on her life experience as a childhood diabetic, she articulates the complexities of episodic debilitating diseases such as Migraine and Diabetes.  Susan also assists with MAGNUM's award winning website  In addition, she is a contributing writer for both and


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