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Magnum In The Media:

Radio Broadcasts


MAGNUM, The National Migraine Association's Board Members Michael John Coleman and Terri Miller Burchfield were featured on the PBS radio show "These Days" on KPBS in Southern California on, April 23rd, at 1:00pm EST and 11:00am PST. They were joined by host Tom Fudge and Doctor James F. Balch to discuss Migraine disease.


Week of February 14, 2001

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When most of us get a headache, we take aspirin and wait for it to go away. But for the 30 million Americans who suffer from migraine headaches, the “two aspirins and call me in the morning” approach isn’t a valid option. As recent studies have shown, migraine is a neurological condition, and too often it is debilitating. This show brings together scientists and "migraineurs" to share the latest research on migraine and talk over what’s going on in the brains and lives of people with migraine. Guests include neurologist Dr. Stuart Tepper, the director at the New England Center for Headache in Stamford; Michael John Coleman, Executive Director and founder of MAGNUM, The National Migraine Association; Dr. Stephen J. Peroutka, a geneticist who has succeeded in pinpointing several of the genes associated with migraine; and Dr. Oliver Sacks, renowned as a neurologist and author, but perhaps less well-known as a migraine sufferer. Commentary by John Hockenberry.

Magnum's Medical Advisor Chair on National Public Radio's "Fresh Air®"

Our own Dr. Fred D. Sheftell, Director of the New England Center for Headache, Chairman of the World Headache Alliance (WHA), as well as our Medical Advisor Chair, was heard across the United States and Canada on National Public Radio (NPR). To listen to this international leader on head-pain issues talk about new research in Migraines visit NPR's "Fresh Air® " WebSite and listen to the Thursday - April 05, 2001 archived "Fresh Ari®" show.

Watch MAGNUM on VOA's talk show Talk To America

Voice Of America puts you in touch with the world! Magnum's Executive Director & Founder, Michael John Coleman (& Board Office of the World Headache Alliance), and its Legislative Director & Executive VP, Terri Miller Burchfield, along with leading Migraine expert Dr. Stuart R. Stark, were featured on a the VOA talk show "Talk to America" on Tuesday, April 17th on which they discussed the latest issues effecting Migraineurs! To listen to archived "Talk to America" shows click here to go to the VOA website "Talk to America" archives page.

Talk To America is VOA's first daily international call-in talk show, broadcast simultaneously on radio, television and the Internet. Each weekday, award winning Journalist Carol Pearson and her guests address a wide range of topics. VOA has featured such guests as Former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Former President Jimmy Carter, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and even actor Roger Moore, aka James Bond 007. So tune in and learn!

MAGNUM on Strive's

From L-R: Terri Miller Burchfield and Michael John Coleman with host Nanci Saper.

On Sunday, June 3rd at 11-11:30 a.m. PST Nanci Saper Interviewed Founders of MAGNUM; Executive Director Michael John Coleman and Legislative Director Terri Miller Burchfield on a special "STRIVE'S REAL WOMEN HOUR" WITH NANCI SAPER, boadcast in conjuction with the 26th Annual AWRT Gracie Allen Awards gala in New York.

Strive's Real Women Hour is hosted & produced by radio veteran Nanci Saper, whose passion for compelling talk radio invites audiences to become part of an interactive communication experience. The show serves as an interactive springboard to redefine the narrow & traditional image of the modern woman.

If you are a real woman or man who loves a real woman, don't miss the buzz on STRIVE'S REAL WOMEN HOUR with Host Nanci Saper. AM 1130 KSDO, Real Talk for San Diego.