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Be Heard. Take the MigraineVoice Survey

© Michael John Coleman

For the migraineur, navigating the health care system can be complex and sometimes frustrating. Many migraineurs have a lot to say about the disease and their experiences, but feel that their voice is not being heard by physicians and others in the medical community.


Here is a link for the latest Migraine  Preventive Botox  Survey you may enjoy participating in: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/F3MQJCN

We are looking for feedback from both patients as well as doctors and healthcare professionals.

This will give people an idea of the data that the medical industry is putting together and MAGNUM will pass along upon completion. So if you want you can use you Migraine expertise this data may help others. The goal is to give patients and physicians a more broad scope of comparison to the results and interactions they are having with Botox for Migraines.

Allergen has provided MAGNUM with so key points of how much improvement Botox Treatment is seeing-

· Allergan has trained 4,600 physicians of the ~10,000 neurologists nationwide. MAGNUM believes that are over halfway through their trainings at this point

· We are told 88% of all commercial lives have policy coverage nationwide now

· We are told insurance verifications improve and denials to prior auths fall

· We are told average number of units injected move up closer to 155 units

To help migraineurs be heard, MAGNUM is working with DrugVoice, a company that takes the voices of patients directly to health care leaders, to improve treatment for all sufferers. DrugVoice has specifically created a survey - MigraineVoice - for migraineurs interested in sharing their voices.

By completing the MigraineVoice survey, you will be able to communicate your personal experiences to the health care community. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about your disease and treatment alternatives and to compare your own experiences with those of other migraineurs.

MAGNUM and DrugVoice are very committed to your privacy. Your individual responses to survey questions will remain private.