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In our Disability and Impairment area we highlight what M.A.G.N.U.M. and others are currently doing to obtain better laws and treatment for Migraineurs, plus we address problems in the workplace and family issues.


The Impairment area contains pertinent information for coping with Migraines at work and at home.

Problems In The Workplace

Managing Your Career Despite Migraines

Problems In The Family

Problems As A Child


In the Disability area you'll find valuable information about current and proposed legislation for and about Migraineurs.

Legal Precedent & Select Redacted Fully Favorable Migraine Cases

What M.A.G.N.U.M. Has Done to Obtain Better Laws and Treatment

MAGNUM's Migraine Awareness Month Congressional Resolution Draft

M.A.G.N.U.M.'s Proposed Legislation

Current Disability Laws

Agencies Providing Information on Legal Disability Matters

World Health Organization Migraine Disease and Headache Disorder Report

Message from President George W. Bush on his new Disability Task Force


Special Issues

In this section we will deal with some more specific issues that are important to the Migraine community or the greater pain management community at large, which are also of great concern to sufferers visiting us.

Support The National Pain Care Policy Act of 2009

In The Face of Pain, a Pain Management Advocacy Toolkit

MAGNUM's Draft Revision of Code 8100 of the VASRD

Military personnel and veterans please click here



Here you will have the opportunity to help the Migraine community by telling your story to interested and sympathetic ears. The information you provide will go directly to people who are willing and able to help.

MIDAS Questionnaire

MigraineVoice Survey

Migraine Interactive Survey Invida

Enroll In Head-Pain Medical Studies

Study Participants Wanted for Natural Approach to Migraine Prevention

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