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What You Will Find On:

All images © Michael John Coleman

The About MAGNUM area provides the history of MAGNUM, biographies of the founders, MAGNUM's mission of Migraine disease awareness, MAGNUM's Board Members, images of the messages and letters of support MAGNUM has received from the White House, U.S. Senators, U.S. Congressman, medical experts and organizations, media organizations, and others, articles written about MAGNUM and it's major successes in Migraine and head-pain awareness in MAGNUM in the media, a membership form you can use to register your name with MAGNUM to expedite further contact and requests, and an Awareness Art Gallery which displays images of art created by Migraine sufferers, such as Vincent Van Gogh, Seurat, Lewis Carroll, MAGNUM founder Michael John Coleman, Janet McKenzie, and others.

The What's New area provides Migraine sufferers with the latest Migraine information and announcements regarding migraines and migraineurs, including press releases, medical announcements, Migraine news, Migraine events and conferences, and a schedule of migraine awareness shows, as well as a list of the latest updates to the MAGNUM website.

In the MAGNUM In The Media area, you can view the full text of articles and view images related to MAGNUM and Migraines In The Press, MAGNUM and Migraines In Television Broadcasts, MAGNUM and Migraines In Print, as well as MAGNUM press releases.

In the Migraines: Myth & Reality area, you will find important facts and myths about the migraine disease. This area includes a useful Migraine Myths Vs Reality article, a migraine estimator to help you understand your particular head pain condition, a you are in good company area which lists famous and notable people who suffered and currently suffer from the migraine disease, migraine articles and information which provide important and useful data about migraine, a list of suggested reading material for migraines, and our new online bookstore.

The Disability & Impairment area highlights what MAGNUM and others are currently doing to obtain better laws for migraineurs, and addresses problems you may have in the workplace and at home. In the Disability area in particular, you will find valuable information about what MAGNUM has done to obtain better laws and treatment, MAGNUM's proposed legislation, and current disability laws that govern the migraine disease. The Impairment area in particular contains pertinent information for coping with migraine-related problems in the workplace and problems in the family.

© Michael John ColemanIn the Treatment & Management area, you will find known pharmacological remedies for Migraines, guidelines to help you know your Migraine triggers, and information on overall Migraine management.

In the Where to Turn for Help area, we will share information to help you locate help near you, including Migraine doctor and hospital contact information, pharmaceutical company listings, and government agencies providing information on legal matters concerning Migraine.

In the Communications & FAQs area, you will get the opportunity to share your thoughts with other migraineurs and MAGNUM representatives and to request information. This area includes E-Mail links, a forum, letters to MAGNUM from Migraine sufferers and others (with names withheld), and standard addresses and phone numbers for MAGNUM.

The Search area will enable you to search the entire MAGNUM site to find just the information that you want.

Finally, in the Sponsors area, MAGNUM thanks those who have made this Web site possible, and provides information about our sponsors. Our sponsors include those who have provided MAGNUM with educational grants, Platinum Sponsors, Gold Sponsors, Silver Sponsors, and Technical Sponsors/Services Donated.

We hope you leave this site with some answers and a better understanding of the migraine disease. May you also gain comfort that you are not alone and that there are those who advocate on your behalf.

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