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Second Annual Migraine Disease Awareness
Small Works Exhibition

December 13, 1996 - mid-January 1997
Presented by The Priciple Gallery
in cooperation with M.A.G.N.U.M.

Dear Friends:

We welcome you to our second annual Migraine Disease Awareness Small Works Exhibition.
waterfront porch
"Waterfront Porch"
B.J. Anderson

We invite you to spend an evening enjoying original artwork and sculpture by nationally-ranked artists while gaining knowledge about this debilitating, yet misunderstood, disease. Famous Migraine sufferers like Vincent van Gogh and Lewis Carroll would have been pleased to see artwork being used to educate the public about this invisible handicap.

This event would not have been possible without the support of you and those in the medical community, government, and media who have worked so hard to help MAGNUM achieve its goals.
after the dance
"After The Dance"
Michael John Coleman

We would particularly like to thank Drs. Stark, Hoffstetter, Silberstein, Saper, Sheftell, Peroutka, Ramadan and Burwell for their active support of MAGNUM and for their continuing efforts to improve the understanding and treatment of Migraine disease.

It is with great honor and appreciation that we thank First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton for her attention to Migraine disease and her staff, in particular Betsy Meyers and the Office of Women s Issues and Outreach, for their kind help and support.

We would also like to thank U.S. Senators Robb and Grassley, U.S. Congressmen Moran and Paxon, U.S. Congresswomen Morella and Lowey, and City of Alexandria Mayor Donley for their support. America is truly a participatory government, and it has been exciting to work with those in our government to improve the lives of all Americans, including those who suffer from head pain.

Denis Frings

Special thanks to CBS-affiliate, W*USA-TV, health anchor Bob Althage, and producer Maria Checchia, for featuring MAGNUM and Migraine disease on selected broadcasts and for bringing this important issue to the attention of people across America.

We would like to thank GlaxoWellcome, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, Carnrick Labs, and Bristol-Myers Squibb for their financial support and for sharing the goal of improving the quality of life of those who suffer from Migraines. We would also like to thank Proxicom for donating their time and expertise to establish a Web-site for MAGNUM, thereby allowing us to realize our true goal of reaching Migraine sufferers anywhere at anytime.

Heartfelt thanks to MAGNUM staff, especially Kristina Nesbitt of our Atlanta office, and to our family and friends, without whose patience and support MAGNUM would not exist. Finally, thanks to this evenings participating artists and to Principle Gallery owners, Michele Marceau and Susan Hogan, for their invaluable partnership with MAGNUM.

three women resting
"Three Woman Resting"
Janet McKenzie

Once again, we are glad for your presence this evening. Your support means so much to Migraine sufferers and their loved ones. Understanding and compassion are the first step toward ending human suffering worldwide.

Michael John Coleman (Executive Director and Founder) and Terri Miller Burchfield (Executive V.P. and Legislative Director)