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The Spring Capitol Hill Migraine Awareness Exhibit

Cannon Rotunda
May 18 - May 31, 1997
Curated by The Principle Gallery

Dear Friends:

spring capitol hill We welcome you to the Spring Capitol Hill Migraine Disease Awareness Exhibit in the U.S. Congress Cannon House Rotunda, and thank the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues for sponsoring this event. We invite you to spend this time enjoying original artwork by nationally-ranked artists who suffer from Migraines and head pain, while gaining knowledge about this debilitating disease. Famous Migraine sufferers like Vincent van Gogh and Lewis Carroll would have been pleased to see artwork being used to educate the public about this invisible handicap. This event would not have been possible without the support of you and those in government, the medical community, and media who have worked so hard to help MAGNUM achieve its goals.

It is with great honor and appreciation that we thank Speaker Gingrich, Congresswoman Molinari, Congressman Paxon, Congressman Stearns, Congressman Boucher, Congressman Moran, Senator Robb, Senator Grassley, Congresswoman
three muses
"Three Muses"
Micael John Coleman

Norton (Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues), and Congresswoman Johnson (Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues) for including special words of support and greeting in this program. We would also like to thank the First Lady, Congresswoman Lowey (former Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues), and Congresswoman Morella (former Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues) for the kind letters sent to MAGNUM. America is truly a participatory government and it has been rewarding to work with the government to improve the lives of Americans who suffer from head pain.

our lady of guadalupe
"Our Lady of Guadalupe"
Janet McKenzie

We would particularly like to thank Dr. Sheftell, our medical advisor chair, for his support and for including a letter of greeting to our guests in this program. We would also like to thank Drs. Peroutka, Saper, Silberstein, Stark, Hoffstetter, Ramadan, Barham, and Burwell for their active support of MAGNUM and for their continuing efforts to improve the understanding and treatment of Migraine disease. Special thanks to ABC-affiliate, WJLA-TV, anchor Rea Blakey and CBS-affiliate, W*USA-TV, health anchor Bob Althage and producer Maria Checchia for featuring MAGNUM and Migraine disease on selected broadcasts and for bringing this important issue to the attention of people across America.

Thanks to GlaxoWellcome, Merck & Co., Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Carnrick Labs, and Bristol-Myers Squibb for their financial support and for sharing the goal of improving the quality of life of those who
echos of light
"Echoes of Light"
B.J. Anderson

suffer from Migraines. Heartfelt thanks to MAGNUM staff, especially Kristina Nesbitt of our Atlanta office, and to our family and friends, without whose patience and support MAGNUM would not exist. Finally, thanks to this event's participating artists and to Principle Gallery owners, Bob King, Michele Marceau and Susan Hogan for curating this event and for their invaluable partnership with MAGNUM.

We are glad for your presence at this event. Your support means so much to Migraine sufferers and their loved ones. Understanding and compassion are the first step toward ending human suffering worldwide.

Michael John Coleman (Executive Director and Founder) and Terri Miller Burchfield (Executive V.P. and Legislative Director)


Featured Artists


thundring silence
"Thundering Silence"
B.J. Anderson

B.J. Anderson has been creating award-winning watercolors, hand-painted etchings and lithographs in her studio in the Torpedo Factory Arts Center in Alexandria since 1980. Much of her work is inspired by the architecture and moods of the New England Island and Cape Cod where she has been painting in her summer studio for years. Ms. Anderson has a special talent for capturing the unique light of that area. Ms. Anderson received her BFA degree in painting from Michigan State University and has received numerous awards in juried shows. In addition to the Torpedo Factory, Ms. Andersonıs work can be seen in galleries nationwide. Ms. Anderson was selected to display in four Embassies and was selected by the White House to paint wooden Easter eggs for display by the Smithsonian in 1982. Anderson, mentor of Michael John Coleman, have both been featured in exhibits jointly from time to time for the past 15 years. Anderson, currently a resident artist, and Coleman, formerly a resident artist of the Torpedo Factory, used to retreat behind the Torpedo Factory to the old floating docks on days when Coleman suffered from Migraines and Anderson suffered from head pain and there they hid from the hustle and bustle of the Arts Center on the Potomac in Old Town.



for reasons unknown
"For Reasons Unknown" en hue
Micael John Coleman

Mr. Coleman a native Washingtonian has been producing artwork most of his life and creating photographic interpretations since the late 70s. Coleman is completely self-taught in his primary medium‹photography. Mr. Colemanıs work has been featured in many magazines and books, such as PHOTOgraphic, PROPHOTO, and The Best of Photography International. Most recently his work was featured on the cover of The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fundsı latest book: Why Vietnam Still Matters, The War and The Wall. Known for his painterly style and impressionist approach, Colemanıs artwork has been published in more than 150 fine art exhibitions and awarded accolades by such notable personalities in the art community as Lynda Roscoe Hartigan, Curator of Painting and Sculpture of the National Museum of Art and William DeLooper, Curator of the Phillips Collection. Michael John Coleman is also the Founder and Executive Director of M.A.G.N.U.M. Mr. Coleman has suffered from intractable Migraines since the age of six, and has experienced the life-altering effects of the disease. MAGNUMıs partnership with The Principle Gallery allows Michael to divide his time between Migraine disease awareness advocacy and his career creating his unique alternative process photography.



adam & eve
"Adam & Eve"
Janet McKenzie

Ms. McKenzie is an award-winning New York artist, currently based in Vermont. She was educated at the Frei Academie, The Hague, Netherlands, The Art Studentıs League in New York, and The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Over her more than 20 year career, she has been featured worldwide in numerous group exhibitions, including the Interart Ex Festival, Olympic Stadium in Moscow, Russia and the Allied Artists at The National Arts Club in New York City. Janet is a member of The National Society of Mural Painters and The National Association of Women Artists. She has been awarded many professional appointments and commissions, has been featured in numerous articles, and is carried in many prestigious collections and galleries around the world. Janet has suffered from Migraines all of her life.
PHONE 703.739.9384