Medication Overuse Headache, aka Rebound


MAGNUM teams with Help for Headaches and Migraine site to bring you this article:

Medication Overuse Headache - When the Remedy Backfires


by Teri Robert

The name varies. You'll see these headaches called "rebound headaches," "analgesic rebound headaches," "medication overuse headaches," and other terms. The newer term in use by specialists in the field of headache and Migraine disease treatment is "medication overuse headache" (MOH), and that's what I'll be using here because it truly does seem to be the most accurate.

Every person who has headaches or Migraine disease should be told about MOH by our doctors because knowing about it in advance could save us a great deal of pain. Unfortunately, we're not. If your doctor has prescribed any medication for you to take when you have headaches or Migraines such as triptans, ergotamines, pain medications, etc., or recommended that you take over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen, etc., and has not told you about their potential to cause MOH, ask him or her about it. Find out what the potential for MOH is with the medications they're prescribing or recommending...

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