Migraine For The Practitioner


Michael John Coleman
When a patient hurts so bad they want to smash their head though a wall, its time to find a knowledgeable headache doctor who understands Migraine as a neurological disease.

This section is directed to medical practitioners looking to gain insight to the current treatment methodology regarding Migraine disease.  You will find this section is in PDF format.   The focus of this section is a selection of a top medical manual, Saunders Manual Neurologic Practice[1], published by Saunders and written by MAGNUM advisor and leading Migraine expert Dr. Randolph W. Evans.  Dr. Evans Chief of Neurology Section, Park Plaza Hospital; Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, University of Texas Medical School at Houston, Houston, Texas.  

All though this section is directed to doctors, both physicians and patients will find it a unique, user-friendly format making it remarkably easy for readers to look up whatever information they need about Migraine disease.  

The Saunders Manual Neurologic Practice is a new resource is custom-formatted to expedite clinical reference of neurologic diseases and disorders for the busy medical practitioner. It delivers comprehensive coverage of neurologic signs and symptoms, diagnostic approaches, and disorders. The book can be purchased in our bookstore too!

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Saunders Manual Neurologic Practice

By Randolph W. Evans

Approx. 1072 pages, Approx. 250 illustrations, Copyright 2003
$89.95, Hardcover

[1]ISBN 0721697615 - Hardback - 1072 Pages - 250 Illustrations
Saunders - Published February 2003
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