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Study Participants Wanted.
Free Article on a Natural Approach to Migraine Prevention.

Hello... my name is Dr. James Sensenig, ND. I am a Naturopathic Physician in full time practice in Hamden, Connecticut. Please take a moment and download the free article entitled Naturopathic Philosophy and Migraine Prevention by sending me a blank email at the address indicated below. I am in need of 50-100 volunteers to participate in a product review/investigation I am conducting to document the effects of certain natural products on migraine sufferers. I have used these products successfully in preventing migraine and now want to document my success in a more formal way. These products are completely natural and will not interfere with any other natural or pharmaceutical products you may be taking.

When you send an email to the address below you will receive a copy of the article of Naturopathic Philosophy and Migraine Prevention which Iım sure you will find intriguing. Additionally, you will receive information on how to become involved in the study if you choose. I appreciate your help in this effort and I am confident we will help many migraine sufferers.

  • Please send me information on the survey and the free article Naturopathic Philosophy and Migraine Prevention. Simply send an email to: drsensenignd@earthlink.net

  • For general questions about our study, please contact me directly at: sensenigjim@aol.com

Information offered at this Web site by either a lay person or a health professional should not be interpreted as giving a diagnosis or a treatment recommendation. These can only be provided by a physician who has had an opportunity to interact with a patient in person and at length, with access to the patient's previous records and appropriate follow-up.